Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

Lady Grace and lady Katherina despised this guy. They were angry when he tried to mess with them. They had not shown him their true colors and he had never tried to mess with them. Today he did and he was punished cruelly for it. He was made to drink their vomit and to eat their shit. The mistresses even made him lick and swallow their mucus before they let him go.

When this mistress found out about puke fetish, she knew she had finally found a fetish she loved. And she had a lot of fun with it. She enjoyed gagging herself and puking. She was fine doing it on her own but she also loved using it to punish and humiliate. Today she punished this loser by peeing on him, shitting on him and gagging herself and making him drink her vomit.

This mistress loves to do nasty things. This guy was into her and she wanted to find out how much into her he was. So she made him watch as she teased him. He loved it and had a hard on. But then she took a dildo and she gagged herself and vomited on herself. He was shocked and she went on and she licked her own puke. She waited for him to leave but he did not.

This mistress is cruel and she prides in her ability to dominate and torture slaves. She loves to use her vomit to do it and that is what she did today to this loser. She had him open his mouth and she spat into it and then puked into it. His friend tried to help him but he was also made to drink her vomit. She forced them to then kiss each other.

Lady Hanna is not a forgiving mistress. When one messes up with her, she reacts by punishing them and teaching them a lesson they will not forget. She cruelly trampled this slave and called her friend to help her do it. She had him swallow her spit, which gave her the idea of puking into his mouth. She enjoyed forcing him to drink her vomit and laughed as he struggled to.

Mistress Rosella had had enough of her slave. He had been taking advantage of her soft nature to do what he wanted knowing she would forgive him. He was horrified when she did not forgive him today. She ignored everything he had to say. And she punished him cruelly by having him open his mouth and drink her puke. She also made him lick the vomit that fell on the floor.

This mistress was not about to let her slave get away with his crime. He had stolen from her and she was not about to forgive him however much he pleaded. She taught him a lesson by making him lick her ass as she facesat on him and she also made him drink her pee. She then vomited on him and he was forced to drink all of her vomit.

Lady Katharina and lady Grace have a vomit fetish. The mistresses love to have fun with vomit fetish and enjoy making guys lick and drink their vomit. This loser wanted to fuck both of them and they were offended by that. They wanted to teach him about respect so they lured him to their house. He thought he would get the threesome but he ended up having to drink their vomit.

Princess Grace wanted to enjoy her time. She wanted to do it without having to worry about her slave. Her slave was destructive and he did not follow instructions. She did not want to babysit him so she punished him to pass a message. She vomited on him and had him drink the vomit. She puked on his face and made a mess which he was unfortunate to have to endure.

Mistress Contessa does not like snitches. She hates them and whenever she comes across one, she has to punish him or her and teach him or her a lesson. This guy had snitched and she knew about it. She hunted him down and she taught him a cruel lesson. She used her vomit to do it. She puked on the guy and ordered him to drink the pee. He had no option.

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