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This mistress loves how her boyfriend had a big dick. She loves it because it is a big one and it makes her feel all the satisfaction she needs. However, he had pissed her off today and she wanted to punish him. So she pretended to give him a blowjob and she gagged herself with his big dick and then she puked on him. She pretended it was an accident but it was in fact intentional.

Lady Lucy did not ask for much from her husband. She wanted him to respect her, something she felt he did not do. She grew tired of asking for him to respect her and she chose to make him do it because for her, it was not negotiable. He had to do it. Today she shocked him by throwing him down and forcing him to drink her vomit. She was with her friend who helped her pin him down.

This mistress wanted a way to break up with her boyfriend and she could not find any. She decided to try something else, which was being cruel to him and making him break up with her. She had just learned of puke fetish so she used it to degrade and torture her boyfriend. He was so furious that he broke up with her and she finally got what she wanted.

When this mistress found out that her slave had stolen from her,s he had no option but to teach him a cruel lesson. She wanted to teach him a lesson he would not forget in a hurry. She called her friend and together the mistresses tortured the guy by puking on him and forcing him to drink the vomit. He had no choice but to do it and he never stole again.

Mistress Lisa was fed up with her slave and she was sending him away. But not before she taught him a lesson. She did it while her lower half was naked. She was wearing nothing. Not even a thong. She whipped the slave as he lay down and she kicked him hard in the balls as he bent over. She trampled him and finished his torture and punishment by vomiting on him.

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