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When this guy stalked this BBW mistress, he thought she would be flattered by what he did and that would lead her wanting him. But it did the opposite and she was not only pissed at him, but she also turned him into a puke fetish. She forced him to get naked after which she induced vomit and forced him to drink it as well as to smear it all over his body.

This mistress had hired this chef to make her great meals but it looked like he had lied on his resume as his food was terrible. He was making recipes on the go and she did not like it. So she punished him cruelly by making him eat her vomit and that taught him a lesson never to lie but it helped him to become a better chef as he did not want such a punishment again.

This mistress does not like to waste her time with small dicks. And she told this guy as much. She had to make sure he learned never to her time or someone else's and that was because she did not want anyone to insert a small dick into her pussy. So the mistress facesat on him as punishment but she felt it was not enough so she gagged herself and puked on his face before getting him to swallow it.

This nurse was not comfortable with the way this patient was making passes at her. She had to come up with a way to make sure she scared him so that he never did that again. She waited until he was better and she gagged herself and she puked on him. She laughed at him as she watched him drink her vomit and she told him to stop bothering her if he wanted her to stop.

These mistresses felt that they did not get the respect they deserved from this guy and that is why they chose to spit on him to degrade him and humiliate him. He had to learn to do things her way and that is why the mistresses used their saliva and their vomit to degrade him. He could not believe what they did to him but he learned his lesson the hard way.

This guy spanked this mistress and thought she liked it but she did not. And she did not want him to do that again so she punished him like he had never been punished again. The cruel mistress used her puke to teach him never to do that again. He was shocked by what she did as he had thought that she liked it. But he never spanked anyone again after that.

Goddess Yi wanted to quit her job but she knew it would not teach her boss a lesson so she chose to do something that would teach him a lesson. The mistress cornered her boss in his office and she puked on him after she tripped him and he fell down and she gagged herself to puke on him. He was shocked at what she did and she told him why before she quit.

This mistress hated the guts that her college classmate had. He was a vile guy and he always found a way to rub her the wrong way. She ended up humiliating him and making him learn a lesson the hard way. So she gagged herself and she puked on him today when he pissed her off. She was fed up and it was time he learned that she would not take his nonsense anymore.

This mistress is an actress and she felt that her agent was not trying hard enough to get her a job. She was frustrated with him and the anger boiled over today and she made him drink her vomit. He had no choice but to do it and it made him get scared of her. He then prioritized her and got her something that she liked. The punishment had worked.

Lady Domi and her friend bought a lot of alcohol for this guy and he drank it and he was wasted. He thought they were being nice to him and that they liked him and his company. But the truth was that they wanted to have fun at his expense and also conduct an experiment. So once he was wasted, they puked on him and had him drink their vomit before they cleaned him up before he got sober and he did not remember much of what had happened.

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