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Mistress Xue spent a lot of money on gourmet food from this chef and it ended up being food she did not like or want. And she had to express her displeasure at it all and she did it with her vomit. She puked out what she had eaten and she forced the chef to also get a taste of the vomit and then told him that was how his food tasted.

Goddess Yi wanted to quit her job but she knew it would not teach her boss a lesson so she chose to do something that would teach him a lesson. The mistress cornered her boss in his office and she puked on him after she tripped him and he fell down and she gagged herself to puke on him. He was shocked at what she did and she told him why before she quit.

This mistress hated the guts that her college classmate had. He was a vile guy and he always found a way to rub her the wrong way. She ended up humiliating him and making him learn a lesson the hard way. So she gagged herself and she puked on him today when he pissed her off. She was fed up and it was time he learned that she would not take his nonsense anymore.

When this mistress found out that her husband had cheated on her, she confronted him about it. He tried to deny and give her stories but his account of things was not adding up and she was sick to her stomach. She then went ahead and she puked on him. She had not planned to do it but when she felt like throwing up because of what he had done and how nauseating he was to her, she puked on him and it was his punishment.

This mistress was angry at this guy she was fucking for calling out another woman's name. She was so pissed that she had to do something crazy to teach him a lesson. The mistress gagged herself and she puked on him. He could not do much other than to continue pleading with her to forgive him and even give him another chance. And also saying that the name he had called out did not mean much to her.

This mistress was asked by her boyfriend to try and be naughtier than she was. He said she was uptight and that she was sexually boring. She did not want to be known as sexually boring so she went on the internet and she researched all the naughty things she could do. She tried hardcore stuff like pulling her own hair and deepthroating herself with a huge dildo. She ended up puking as she gagged herself but she did not give up.

These mistresses hate rumor mongers. They were therefore shocked when they learned that this guy was spreading false information about them. They did not like the rumors that the guys were spreading and they chose to punish him. They laid a trap for him and when he took the bait, they vomited on him. He wondered why they were doing that to him and they told him about the rumors. He kept quiet and took the punishment in silence.

This mistress was not the kind of person this loser had ever encountered before. She did crazy things to him like turn him into a vomit and a pee slave. She gagged herself and made him drink her vomit. When he was done, she peed on him. And to have fun at his expense, she applied some puke on her pussy and she made him lick her pussy and remove all the vomit from it. Her assistant watched and took photos and videos.

This guy messed with the wrong mistress. Lady Kimi is one mistress who does not punish or humiliate someone unless they have messed with her. This guy did and she had to teach him to mind his own business. She puked into his mouth which she had forced him to open. She made it so cruel and degrading that she knew he would never mess with anyone for the rest of his life.

When this mistress found out that her slave had stolen from her,s he had no option but to teach him a cruel lesson. She wanted to teach him a lesson he would not forget in a hurry. She called her friend and together the mistresses tortured the guy by puking on him and forcing him to drink the vomit. He had no choice but to do it and he never stole again.

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