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This slave regretted why he had pissed mistress Anna. She had never punished him before and so he thought she would never do anything to him. So he messed up and she ignored but it got to a point she could not ignore anymore and she chose to make him drink her puke for breakfast. He was shocked but he had to do all that she asked him to do.

Lady Domi was shocked at what this guy did to her. He had pissed her off so badly that she felt revenge had to happen. And so she used her vomit fetish to get even with him. She gagged herself and in no time, she had puked on the guy and she made sure it was on his face and on his face. He never messed with her again after that.

These mistresses felt that they did not get the respect they deserved from this guy and that is why they chose to spit on him to degrade him and humiliate him. He had to learn to do things her way and that is why the mistresses used their saliva and their vomit to degrade him. He could not believe what they did to him but he learned his lesson the hard way.

This mistress expected this guy to eat her pussy as well as she had sucked his dick but he disappointed her badly. She could not hide her disappointment and she used her puked on him to punish and humiliate him. He had to learn how to lick a pussy if he wanted his dick sucked. And since he could not lick her, she made him drink her puke and she felt they were even.

This mistress was angry at this guy she was fucking for calling out another woman's name. She was so pissed that she had to do something crazy to teach him a lesson. The mistress gagged herself and she puked on him. He could not do much other than to continue pleading with her to forgive him and even give him another chance. And also saying that the name he had called out did not mean much to her.

This mistress was asked by her boyfriend what she wanted and what would make her happy and she told him how she had been dreaming of trying vomit femdom. He was shocked but he agreed to try it with her. She loved it and she gagged herself on his dick and she puked on him. She made him lick her puke before she kissed him and made him lick her pussy.

This mistress has an innocent face and guys mistake her for being harmless. This guy found out the hard way that she was not as harmless as he thought. She was naughtily dressed and this distracted him from what she was about to do to him. The mistress gagged herself and she puked on him. The mistress forced him to drink her vomit because of how stern her face looked.

This goddess is kinky and today she did her kinkiest act yet. The mistress wanted to masturbate but she felt like she could use something different to do it. She chose to gag herself with a dildo and she puked on herself. Then she took an even bigger dildo and she used it to rub her clit with part of the puke. She then used the huge dildo to fuck herself.

This mistress was sick and what had made her sick was the food this loser had cooked for her. She was not going to let him get away with it. She felt like puking so she puked on a bowl and she made him drink it. Her friend saw her vomit and she threw up herself. The loser had to drink all that vomit as he was the cause of it.

This mistress hated the food this loser had cooked for her. She could not bring herself to swallow it so she puked it all. And she did it on her slave so that he knew that her food was bad. And she wanted him to be humiliated enough to the point that he learned how to cook better food. He was degraded but he got the message he was being sent.

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