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Lady Grace is not the kind of person who gets lets go of someone who wrongs her. When she gets pissed, she has to revenge and most of the time, her revenge is worse than what was done to piss her in the first place. Today she sent this loser but he did not return in time. To make it worse, he came with something slightly different from what she had sent him. She was infuriated and she vomited on him in disgust.

This mistress wanted a way to break up with her boyfriend and she could not find any. She decided to try something else, which was being cruel to him and making him break up with her. She had just learned of puke fetish so she used it to degrade and torture her boyfriend. He was so furious that he broke up with her and she finally got what she wanted.

This guy had tried to con these mistress and since he had done it to many others before, he did not believe anything could go wrong with these mistresses. But he he was wrong as the mistresses could tell what he was trying and they lured him to where they punished him for being a con. He decided to stop being a conman as the mistresses forced him to drink puke.

This slave had messed up and her mistress was tired of forgiving him. He had to realize there were consequences for all the mistakes he was committing. The mistress forced him to learn from his mistakes by forcing him to drink her vomit. She had gagged herself and she had vomited and all of it ended up in his stomach. He had never been degraded that much and he changed to avoid it changing again.

When this mistress found out that her slave had stolen from her,s he had no option but to teach him a cruel lesson. She wanted to teach him a lesson he would not forget in a hurry. She called her friend and together the mistresses tortured the guy by puking on him and forcing him to drink the vomit. He had no choice but to do it and he never stole again.

Mistress Lisa was fed up with her slave and she was sending him away. But not before she taught him a lesson. She did it while her lower half was naked. She was wearing nothing. Not even a thong. She whipped the slave as he lay down and she kicked him hard in the balls as he bent over. She trampled him and finished his torture and punishment by vomiting on him.

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