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This mistress had hired this chef to make her great meals but it looked like he had lied on his resume as his food was terrible. He was making recipes on the go and she did not like it. So she punished him cruelly by making him eat her vomit and that taught him a lesson never to lie but it helped him to become a better chef as he did not want such a punishment again.

This mistress and her boyfriend are a naughty pair. And they wanted to try new things so the mistress suggested puking. He agreed and she puked on him and then they made out with that puke on their faces and in their mouths. It was dirty but it turned them on and they ended up having a good time out of it. They felt they had to try it again once more.

These mistresses acted as if they wanted to have fun with this guy but in real sense all they wanted as to dominate the guy and have fun at his expense. And that is what they ended up doing to the guy. He was made to lie down and they pretended to suck his dick but they then puked on him and he was shocked that it happened with all of them.

When this guy messed with this mistress, he had no idea what sort of punishment he was going to be put through. The mistress turned the guy into a shit and puke eater and he had to eat her shit and when he was done, she made him wash it all down with her puke. The guy never messed with her again as he feared what she would do to him.

This mistress was asked by her boyfriend what she wanted and what would make her happy and she told him how she had been dreaming of trying vomit femdom. He was shocked but he agreed to try it with her. She loved it and she gagged herself on his dick and she puked on him. She made him lick her puke before she kissed him and made him lick her pussy.

This mistress loves how her boyfriend had a big dick. She loves it because it is a big one and it makes her feel all the satisfaction she needs. However, he had pissed her off today and she wanted to punish him. So she pretended to give him a blowjob and she gagged herself with his big dick and then she puked on him. She pretended it was an accident but it was in fact intentional.

Lady Lucy did not ask for much from her husband. She wanted him to respect her, something she felt he did not do. She grew tired of asking for him to respect her and she chose to make him do it because for her, it was not negotiable. He had to do it. Today she shocked him by throwing him down and forcing him to drink her vomit. She was with her friend who helped her pin him down.

Mistress Betty was fed up with her slave. She wanted him gone from her house so she made him leave. He did not want to leave because he had gotten comfortable in her house. She got on top of him and she used his fingers to gag herself. She then vomited on his face and she forced him to swallow it and lick the rest. He left that same day.

This mistress was disgusted by the kind of food her slave had made. She could not stand it and it made her nauseous. She called her slave and she made him lie down near her. She vomited on his head and she made him lick the vomit and swallow it. She did not care how cruel and degrading it was. She forced him to do it and he had no alternative.

Mistress Alina did not have anything she felt was good enough to punish this slave. So she settled on puke. She knew it was disgusting and degrading and the perfect thing to use to torture the slave. He would never have guessed that that was what she wanted to use to punish him so when she did it, it caught him unawares but he had no choice but to do what she wanted.

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