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Lady Lara wanted this guy to lick her pussy. She was looking forward to it and she expected him to do it like an expert but he did not. It was the worst she had ever experienced and so she felt that the best way for her to do it was to vomit on him. The mistress had the guy lie down and instead of doing something fun like he expected, she gagged herself and vomited on him.

Mistress Ivy wanted to try something she had never done before and that was to gag on a dildo. She bought a big one and as she inserted it in her mouth, she could feel it at the back of her throat. It gagged her and she puked in no time. She could also not breathe properly. She removed it and she inserted it in her pussy and fucked herself to orgasm then did the same to her ass.

When this guy stalked this BBW mistress, he thought she would be flattered by what he did and that would lead her wanting him. But it did the opposite and she was not only pissed at him, but she also turned him into a puke fetish. She forced him to get naked after which she induced vomit and forced him to drink it as well as to smear it all over his body.

This mistress does not tolerate mediocrity and she felt that her slave was full of it. So she took advantage of it and she dominated him cruelly. The mistress puked on him and she warned him that he had to stop performing poorly or else he would have himself to blame and he would also be out of a job. She puked on him and ensured he ate her puke.

This mistress needed some votes when an issue she was championing came for a vote on the board. She wanted one more vote to secure victory but she was not in good terms with this guy. Instead of convincing him through persuasion, she chose to vomit on him and to torture him. She warned him that she would have to punish him if the vote was not carried as a result of him.

This mistress had thought that her husband would stop being stingy and that he would change but it did not happen. She had to come up with a way to deal with him and she got it through vomit femdom. She used it to dominate the guy and in no time, she had managed to force her husband to reconsider his stinginess. She was for fiscal responsibility but not outright stinginess.

Lady Lucy and her friend had contracted this guy to do some work for them but he did such a shoddy job that they had to punish him for it. The mistresses puked on him and they told him that that was his payment as he had not done anything worth paying for in monetary terms. He was shocked and he was degraded but he could not do anything about it.

These mistresses acted as if they wanted to have fun with this guy but in real sense all they wanted as to dominate the guy and have fun at his expense. And that is what they ended up doing to the guy. He was made to lie down and they pretended to suck his dick but they then puked on him and he was shocked that it happened with all of them.

Lady Domi and her friend wanted to humiliate this hungry slave. He had given them the idea to do it after he had messed up when they gave him an assignment. He could not blame anybody else and that is how he found himself being made to eat vomit for breakfast. They told him to think of it as cereal and eat all of it. He had to eat vomit from 2 mistresses.

This guy happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and that is how he got to be on the bad books of these mistresses. They were mad at someone else and they mistook him for that guy. And the descended on him with kicks and blows and after pinning him down, they made him swallow their vomit and that is how his stomach was filled with their puke.

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