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This mistress wanted to prove to this guy that she was kinky. He told her she was too nice and there was nothing that could happen between the two of them. The mistress felt bad and she set out to prove him wrong. She taped herself gagging herself and puking into a cup. She then drank it and proceeded to jerk off and even use a dildo to show her how bad a bitch she was.

This mistress loves how her boyfriend had a big dick. She loves it because it is a big one and it makes her feel all the satisfaction she needs. However, he had pissed her off today and she wanted to punish him. So she pretended to give him a blowjob and she gagged herself with his big dick and then she puked on him. She pretended it was an accident but it was in fact intentional.

This mistress hated the food this loser had cooked for her. She could not bring herself to swallow it so she puked it all. And she did it on her slave so that he knew that her food was bad. And she wanted him to be humiliated enough to the point that he learned how to cook better food. He was degraded but he got the message he was being sent.

Mistress Contessa does not like snitches. She hates them and whenever she comes across one, she has to punish him or her and teach him or her a lesson. This guy had snitched and she knew about it. She hunted him down and she taught him a cruel lesson. She used her vomit to do it. She puked on the guy and ordered him to drink the pee. He had no option.

Mistress Lisa wanted to try puke fetish. Today was the perfect day to do it as she was a little drunk and she felt like puking. So she took her slave to the bathroom and she puked on him. She had him drink her puke, she had him lick her saliva and she also blew smoke into his face as she enjoyed her cigarette. She also made the slave lick her boots.

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