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This mistress was angry at her man but she did not show him. She was out to punish him with vomit femdom but she did not want him to know. Instead, she went out of her way to force him to do what she wanted and that is how he found himself drinking her vomit. She gagged and vomited on him after she had made him lick her pussy to orgasm.

Mistress Ivy wanted to try something she had never done before and that was to gag on a dildo. She bought a big one and as she inserted it in her mouth, she could feel it at the back of her throat. It gagged her and she puked in no time. She could also not breathe properly. She removed it and she inserted it in her pussy and fucked herself to orgasm then did the same to her ass.

Mistress Ivy is one of the kinkiest girls ever. She knows how to be naughty and she did it by playing with her pussy, fingering herself and cumming. But that was not all. She then gagged herself with a dildo and she vomited on it and on the floor. She was still not done. She went on to pee on her dildo before she felt it was enough for the day.

This slave regretted why he had pissed mistress Anna. She had never punished him before and so he thought she would never do anything to him. So he messed up and she ignored but it got to a point she could not ignore anymore and she chose to make him drink her puke for breakfast. He was shocked but he had to do all that she asked him to do.

These guys thought that they would get away with disobeying this mistress' instructions but they learned the hard way that it was a bad idea and that they should not have done it. They had to eat her puke and that is what made them realize that it was easier and safer to obey her instructions that to what to be punished by the mistress. They never disobeyed her after that.

This mistress was shocked when her boyfriend's friend tried to hit on her. She did not like it at all and she had to put a stop to it. She did not tell her boyfriend but she forced the guy to eat her puke after she had lied to him that she was also interested in messing around with him. He never bothered her again and her boyfriend never knew about it.

When this slave demanded juice from this mistress, he did not realize how much he had pissed her off. She felt he was too entitled and he had to have that habit and character nipped in the bud. So she used her vomit to do it and he had to drink all of her vomit after she had overfed and she gagged herself. He never demanded anything from her again.

Lady Lucy and her friend had contracted this guy to do some work for them but he did such a shoddy job that they had to punish him for it. The mistresses puked on him and they told him that that was his payment as he had not done anything worth paying for in monetary terms. He was shocked and he was degraded but he could not do anything about it.

Lady Domi and her friend wanted to humiliate this hungry slave. He had given them the idea to do it after he had messed up when they gave him an assignment. He could not blame anybody else and that is how he found himself being made to eat vomit for breakfast. They told him to think of it as cereal and eat all of it. He had to eat vomit from 2 mistresses.

This mistress is a pro when it comes to torture and humiliation. The sexy mistress had this guy drink her pee directly from her pussy and when he was done, she pretended to be giving him a handjob and she gagged herself and puked on him. She made sure he licked all of her vomit before she was done with him and she chased him after he had cleaned the floor.

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