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This nurse was not comfortable with the way this patient was making passes at her. She had to come up with a way to make sure she scared him so that he never did that again. She waited until he was better and she gagged herself and she puked on him. She laughed at him as she watched him drink her vomit and she told him to stop bothering her if he wanted her to stop.

This mistress loves how her boyfriend had a big dick. She loves it because it is a big one and it makes her feel all the satisfaction she needs. However, he had pissed her off today and she wanted to punish him. So she pretended to give him a blowjob and she gagged herself with his big dick and then she puked on him. She pretended it was an accident but it was in fact intentional.

Mistress Rosella had had enough of her slave. He had been taking advantage of her soft nature to do what he wanted knowing she would forgive him. He was horrified when she did not forgive him today. She ignored everything he had to say. And she punished him cruelly by having him open his mouth and drink her puke. She also made him lick the vomit that fell on the floor.

This mistress did not like losing her money to this guy. He conned her and when she realized, she hunted him down and she punished him cruelly. She vomited on his face and smeared it all over his face and body. Then she made him eat and swallow her vomit before she angrily made him refund her money. The poor guy had never been degraded as he was that day.

This mistress wanted a way to break up with her boyfriend and she could not find any. She decided to try something else, which was being cruel to him and making him break up with her. She had just learned of puke fetish so she used it to degrade and torture her boyfriend. He was so furious that he broke up with her and she finally got what she wanted.

This guy had tried to con these mistress and since he had done it to many others before, he did not believe anything could go wrong with these mistresses. But he he was wrong as the mistresses could tell what he was trying and they lured him to where they punished him for being a con. He decided to stop being a conman as the mistresses forced him to drink puke.

This mistress was disgusted by the kind of food her slave had made. She could not stand it and it made her nauseous. She called her slave and she made him lie down near her. She vomited on his head and she made him lick the vomit and swallow it. She did not care how cruel and degrading it was. She forced him to do it and he had no alternative.

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