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This guy was drunk and he became unruly. He caused a scene and this mistress was pissed at him. She did not want to give him any chance to do the nonsense he had done and that is why she forced him to drink her vomit. She even took a video of it all to show him when he was sober. When he saw it, he quit drinking as he did not want to embarrass himself that way.

This guy thought he had a chance with mistress Layla. He wanted to fuck her brains out but the mistress had other ideas. She did not want it and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to use her vomit femdom to scare him and to turn him off. So she did what she does best and she used a dildo to gag herself and induce vomit as the guy watched in horror.

This slave regretted why he had pissed mistress Anna. She had never punished him before and so he thought she would never do anything to him. So he messed up and she ignored but it got to a point she could not ignore anymore and she chose to make him drink her puke for breakfast. He was shocked but he had to do all that she asked him to do.

This mistress had hired this chef to make her great meals but it looked like he had lied on his resume as his food was terrible. He was making recipes on the go and she did not like it. So she punished him cruelly by making him eat her vomit and that taught him a lesson never to lie but it helped him to become a better chef as he did not want such a punishment again.

Lady Domi and her friend wanted to humiliate this hungry slave. He had given them the idea to do it after he had messed up when they gave him an assignment. He could not blame anybody else and that is how he found himself being made to eat vomit for breakfast. They told him to think of it as cereal and eat all of it. He had to eat vomit from 2 mistresses.

Lady Grace and her friend wanted to compete to see who puked better than the other one. And they had a slave to test on. So they recorded it all so that they would find out how everything went down. The mistresses tried their best to win but there had to be one winner and in the end, lady Grace own it but with the finest of margins so even the loser did not feel bad.

This guy happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and that is how he got to be on the bad books of these mistresses. They were mad at someone else and they mistook him for that guy. And the descended on him with kicks and blows and after pinning him down, they made him swallow their vomit and that is how his stomach was filled with their puke.

When this guy messed with this mistress, he had no idea what sort of punishment he was going to be put through. The mistress turned the guy into a shit and puke eater and he had to eat her shit and when he was done, she made him wash it all down with her puke. The guy never messed with her again as he feared what she would do to him.

This mistress did not want anyone to mess with her and when this married hit on her, she politely told him she could not mess with him as he was already taken. But he insisted and he pissed her off. For the sake of his wife, she punished him in her house after he thought she had given in to his demands. She ended up vomiting on him and warning him never to cheat on his wife again.

This mistress expected this guy to eat her pussy as well as she had sucked his dick but he disappointed her badly. She could not hide her disappointment and she used her puked on him to punish and humiliate him. He had to learn how to lick a pussy if he wanted his dick sucked. And since he could not lick her, she made him drink her puke and she felt they were even.

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