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Lady Lara wanted this guy to lick her pussy. She was looking forward to it and she expected him to do it like an expert but he did not. It was the worst she had ever experienced and so she felt that the best way for her to do it was to vomit on him. The mistress had the guy lie down and instead of doing something fun like he expected, she gagged herself and vomited on him.

Mistress Ann wanted to try cock gagging so she went to the bathrooom with this guy and she sucked his dick and gagged on it. It was so big that as she gagged on it, she could not help but puke. She ended up puking on him and they both laughed at it even though it was not the most ideal situation and they had not planned on that happening.

This mistress was pissed at the way in which this guy tried to fuck her and did a poor job of it. She did not feel anything and she was so disappointed that she asked him to get in the inflatable pool and thereafter she turned him into her puke slave. The mistress forced him to drink her vomit and to smear it all over himself after she had gagged herself and puked on him.

This mistress was fed up with how timid her husband was and she felt that he needed to assert himself a little but more. And that is why she chose to humiliate him and do it in a degrading manner. The mistress forced the hubby to drink and eat her puke and warned him that it would not stop until he stopped being timid. He had no choice but to stop.

This mistress had hired this chef to make her great meals but it looked like he had lied on his resume as his food was terrible. He was making recipes on the go and she did not like it. So she punished him cruelly by making him eat her vomit and that taught him a lesson never to lie but it helped him to become a better chef as he did not want such a punishment again.

This mistress does not tolerate mediocrity and she felt that her slave was full of it. So she took advantage of it and she dominated him cruelly. The mistress puked on him and she warned him that he had to stop performing poorly or else he would have himself to blame and he would also be out of a job. She puked on him and ensured he ate her puke.

This mistress and her boyfriend are a naughty pair. And they wanted to try new things so the mistress suggested puking. He agreed and she puked on him and then they made out with that puke on their faces and in their mouths. It was dirty but it turned them on and they ended up having a good time out of it. They felt they had to try it again once more.

This mistress does not like to waste her time with small dicks. And she told this guy as much. She had to make sure he learned never to her time or someone else's and that was because she did not want anyone to insert a small dick into her pussy. So the mistress facesat on him as punishment but she felt it was not enough so she gagged herself and puked on his face before getting him to swallow it.

This mistress is a pro when it comes to torture and humiliation. The sexy mistress had this guy drink her pee directly from her pussy and when he was done, she pretended to be giving him a handjob and she gagged herself and puked on him. She made sure he licked all of her vomit before she was done with him and she chased him after he had cleaned the floor.

Lady Domi was shocked at what this guy did to her. He had pissed her off so badly that she felt revenge had to happen. And so she used her vomit fetish to get even with him. She gagged herself and in no time, she had puked on the guy and she made sure it was on his face and on his face. He never messed with her again after that.

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