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Lady Lara wanted this guy to lick her pussy. She was looking forward to it and she expected him to do it like an expert but he did not. It was the worst she had ever experienced and so she felt that the best way for her to do it was to vomit on him. The mistress had the guy lie down and instead of doing something fun like he expected, she gagged herself and vomited on him.

Mistress Ivy is one of the kinkiest girls ever. She knows how to be naughty and she did it by playing with her pussy, fingering herself and cumming. But that was not all. She then gagged herself with a dildo and she vomited on it and on the floor. She was still not done. She went on to pee on her dildo before she felt it was enough for the day.

This mistress was pissed at the way in which this guy tried to fuck her and did a poor job of it. She did not feel anything and she was so disappointed that she asked him to get in the inflatable pool and thereafter she turned him into her puke slave. The mistress forced him to drink her vomit and to smear it all over himself after she had gagged herself and puked on him.

This guy thought he had a chance with mistress Layla. He wanted to fuck her brains out but the mistress had other ideas. She did not want it and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to use her vomit femdom to scare him and to turn him off. So she did what she does best and she used a dildo to gag herself and induce vomit as the guy watched in horror.

This mistress needed some votes when an issue she was championing came for a vote on the board. She wanted one more vote to secure victory but she was not in good terms with this guy. Instead of convincing him through persuasion, she chose to vomit on him and to torture him. She warned him that she would have to punish him if the vote was not carried as a result of him.

When this slave demanded juice from this mistress, he did not realize how much he had pissed her off. She felt he was too entitled and he had to have that habit and character nipped in the bud. So she used her vomit to do it and he had to drink all of her vomit after she had overfed and she gagged herself. He never demanded anything from her again.

Mistress Kimi had an agreement with this guy but he broke his end of the bargain without explanation and she was furious. She had to make sure that he never did such a stupid thing again. That is why she took him to the bathroom and she used her vomit femdom fetish to punish him and to make him realize he was never to do what he had done again.

Mistresses Tink and Cassie are not your average girls. They like reliable and dependable people and this guy promised to be that for them and he got that from them too. But he turned out to be a fraud and the mistresses tortured him with their puke by making him to drink it all. He felt like puking and he indeed puked but it was mixed with theirs and he had to drink it all again.

Mistress Decadoria had told this slave something in confidence and she had asked him not to share it with anyone. But he had gone out and told someone else about her secret and she was so mad at him that she puked on him. She smeared all of it on his body and she made him lick it and also drink it. He regretted his decision but it was too late.

This mistress hated the guts that her college classmate had. He was a vile guy and he always found a way to rub her the wrong way. She ended up humiliating him and making him learn a lesson the hard way. So she gagged herself and she puked on him today when he pissed her off. She was fed up and it was time he learned that she would not take his nonsense anymore.

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