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When this guy stalked this BBW mistress, he thought she would be flattered by what he did and that would lead her wanting him. But it did the opposite and she was not only pissed at him, but she also turned him into a puke fetish. She forced him to get naked after which she induced vomit and forced him to drink it as well as to smear it all over his body.

Lady Domi and her friend wanted to humiliate this hungry slave. He had given them the idea to do it after he had messed up when they gave him an assignment. He could not blame anybody else and that is how he found himself being made to eat vomit for breakfast. They told him to think of it as cereal and eat all of it. He had to eat vomit from 2 mistresses.

This mistress was asked by her boyfriend to try and be naughtier than she was. He said she was uptight and that she was sexually boring. She did not want to be known as sexually boring so she went on the internet and she researched all the naughty things she could do. She tried hardcore stuff like pulling her own hair and deepthroating herself with a huge dildo. She ended up puking as she gagged herself but she did not give up.

Lady Grace is a foodie. She loves good food and that is why she even went to the extent of getting herself a cook. She wanted to always have great meals on her table. But she was horrified to find out that the cook she had hired did not know how to cook. The food he had prepared for her was horrendous and she punished him for it by vomiting on him and making him lick her vomit.

This mistress was sick and what had made her sick was the food this loser had cooked for her. She was not going to let him get away with it. She felt like puking so she puked on a bowl and she made him drink it. Her friend saw her vomit and she threw up herself. The loser had to drink all that vomit as he was the cause of it.

Mistress Lisa loves it when someone drinks her vomit. She graduated from pee and is now on vomit. Next, she is going to transition to shit. But for the time being, she is enjoying her vomit fetish. She took this guy to her tub and she made him lie in it before she gagged herself and she puked on him. She then told him to wash with her puke.

Lady Domi was angry at her slave for not telling her what he needed to have told her. She was especially angry as she had told him to tell her in case he saw anything. He did and kept quiet. She was angry and had to punish him so that it did not happen again. She cruelly forced him to drink her vomit as punishment and he did. He never messed up again.

Mistress Lisa was not happy about the things that her husband had done. He had wasted their savings on women and she was pissed at the fact that she was being cheated on and their money wasted at the same time. She punished her husband cruelly by forcing him to drink and swallow her vomit. She gagged herself and she puked into his open mouth and watched him struggle to swallow it. She then made him refund the money.

This slave had messed up and her mistress was tired of forgiving him. He had to realize there were consequences for all the mistakes he was committing. The mistress forced him to learn from his mistakes by forcing him to drink her vomit. She had gagged herself and she had vomited and all of it ended up in his stomach. He had never been degraded that much and he changed to avoid it changing again.

Mistress Lisa was fed up with her slave and she was sending him away. But not before she taught him a lesson. She did it while her lower half was naked. She was wearing nothing. Not even a thong. She whipped the slave as he lay down and she kicked him hard in the balls as he bent over. She trampled him and finished his torture and punishment by vomiting on him.

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