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Lady Lara wanted this guy to lick her pussy. She was looking forward to it and she expected him to do it like an expert but he did not. It was the worst she had ever experienced and so she felt that the best way for her to do it was to vomit on him. The mistress had the guy lie down and instead of doing something fun like he expected, she gagged herself and vomited on him.

This slave regretted why he had pissed mistress Anna. She had never punished him before and so he thought she would never do anything to him. So he messed up and she ignored but it got to a point she could not ignore anymore and she chose to make him drink her puke for breakfast. He was shocked but he had to do all that she asked him to do.

This mistress and her boyfriend are a naughty pair. And they wanted to try new things so the mistress suggested puking. He agreed and she puked on him and then they made out with that puke on their faces and in their mouths. It was dirty but it turned them on and they ended up having a good time out of it. They felt they had to try it again once more.

This mistress had thought that her husband would stop being stingy and that he would change but it did not happen. She had to come up with a way to deal with him and she got it through vomit femdom. She used it to dominate the guy and in no time, she had managed to force her husband to reconsider his stinginess. She was for fiscal responsibility but not outright stinginess.

These mistresses acted as if they wanted to have fun with this guy but in real sense all they wanted as to dominate the guy and have fun at his expense. And that is what they ended up doing to the guy. He was made to lie down and they pretended to suck his dick but they then puked on him and he was shocked that it happened with all of them.

Lady Domi and her friend wanted to humiliate this hungry slave. He had given them the idea to do it after he had messed up when they gave him an assignment. He could not blame anybody else and that is how he found himself being made to eat vomit for breakfast. They told him to think of it as cereal and eat all of it. He had to eat vomit from 2 mistresses.

Lady Domi wanted to force this loser to quench his thirst with her puke. This was because she had been dreaming of the craziest thing she could do and she felt that puking into his mouth was better than shitting on him. And she did not waste any time in dominating as well as degrading him. And she was successful in her endeavor to punish him as well as change him.

Lady Domi was shocked at what this guy did to her. He had pissed her off so badly that she felt revenge had to happen. And so she used her vomit fetish to get even with him. She gagged herself and in no time, she had puked on the guy and she made sure it was on his face and on his face. He never messed with her again after that.

Mistress Kimi had an agreement with this guy but he broke his end of the bargain without explanation and she was furious. She had to make sure that he never did such a stupid thing again. That is why she took him to the bathroom and she used her vomit femdom fetish to punish him and to make him realize he was never to do what he had done again.

Lady Domi and lady Kimi wanted to torture this neighbor because he was a pain in their ass. He made noise for them, he was always doing things which affected them without consulting them and he inconvenienced them a lot. So today the mistresses invited him to their house where he was made to drink their vomit after they had gagged themselves. He learned never to mess with them again.

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