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Mistress Ivy is one of the kinkiest girls ever. She knows how to be naughty and she did it by playing with her pussy, fingering herself and cumming. But that was not all. She then gagged herself with a dildo and she vomited on it and on the floor. She was still not done. She went on to pee on her dildo before she felt it was enough for the day.

This mistress was pissed at the way in which this guy tried to fuck her and did a poor job of it. She did not feel anything and she was so disappointed that she asked him to get in the inflatable pool and thereafter she turned him into her puke slave. The mistress forced him to drink her vomit and to smear it all over himself after she had gagged herself and puked on him.

This guy thought he had a chance with mistress Layla. He wanted to fuck her brains out but the mistress had other ideas. She did not want it and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to use her vomit femdom to scare him and to turn him off. So she did what she does best and she used a dildo to gag herself and induce vomit as the guy watched in horror.

This mistress was displeased by the way in which this guy behaved and she had to do something about it. She chose to trample the guy but she felt that it was not enough. So she gagged herself and she puked on him. The mistress did it in the bathroom where she nearly shit on him but the puke had done enough damage and she did not proceed with her plans to shit on him.

These guys thought that they would get away with disobeying this mistress' instructions but they learned the hard way that it was a bad idea and that they should not have done it. They had to eat her puke and that is what made them realize that it was easier and safer to obey her instructions that to what to be punished by the mistress. They never disobeyed her after that.

This mistress does not tolerate mediocrity and she felt that her slave was full of it. So she took advantage of it and she dominated him cruelly. The mistress puked on him and she warned him that he had to stop performing poorly or else he would have himself to blame and he would also be out of a job. She puked on him and ensured he ate her puke.

This mistress is a pro when it comes to torture and humiliation. The sexy mistress had this guy drink her pee directly from her pussy and when he was done, she pretended to be giving him a handjob and she gagged herself and puked on him. She made sure he licked all of her vomit before she was done with him and she chased him after he had cleaned the floor.

This guy happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and that is how he got to be on the bad books of these mistresses. They were mad at someone else and they mistook him for that guy. And the descended on him with kicks and blows and after pinning him down, they made him swallow their vomit and that is how his stomach was filled with their puke.

These mistresses wanted to punish this guy and they ended up doing it in a cruel and crazy manner. The mistresses used their vomit to do it after they had gagged themselves until they puked. The guy was in a lot of pain and humiliation because of what they did to him. He felt pain even though he was not physically beaten. That is how he came to fear the mistresses.

Lady Domi was shocked at what this guy did to her. He had pissed her off so badly that she felt revenge had to happen. And so she used her vomit fetish to get even with him. She gagged herself and in no time, she had puked on the guy and she made sure it was on his face and on his face. He never messed with her again after that.

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