Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

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This mistress does not tolerate mediocrity and she felt that her slave was full of it. So she took advantage of it and she dominated him cruelly. The mistress puked on him and she warned him that he had to stop performing poorly or else he would have himself to blame and he would also be out of a job. She puked on him and ensured he ate her puke.

Lady Grace is not a mistress to mess with as this loser came to find out. She went and she puked on a plate and she fed the vomit to the loser. It was a gross and a cruel way to teach him a lesson and to show him who the boss was. She forced him to swallow it and she also had him lick the vomit that fell on the floor.

This mistress loves to do nasty things. This guy was into her and she wanted to find out how much into her he was. So she made him watch as she teased him. He loved it and had a hard on. But then she took a dildo and she gagged herself and vomited on herself. He was shocked and she went on and she licked her own puke. She waited for him to leave but he did not.

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