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This mistress was angry at her man but she did not show him. She was out to punish him with vomit femdom but she did not want him to know. Instead, she went out of her way to force him to do what she wanted and that is how he found himself drinking her vomit. She gagged and vomited on him after she had made him lick her pussy to orgasm.

Mistress Ann wanted to try cock gagging so she went to the bathrooom with this guy and she sucked his dick and gagged on it. It was so big that as she gagged on it, she could not help but puke. She ended up puking on him and they both laughed at it even though it was not the most ideal situation and they had not planned on that happening.

Mistress Ivy is one of the kinkiest girls ever. She knows how to be naughty and she did it by playing with her pussy, fingering herself and cumming. But that was not all. She then gagged herself with a dildo and she vomited on it and on the floor. She was still not done. She went on to pee on her dildo before she felt it was enough for the day.

When this guy stalked this BBW mistress, he thought she would be flattered by what he did and that would lead her wanting him. But it did the opposite and she was not only pissed at him, but she also turned him into a puke fetish. She forced him to get naked after which she induced vomit and forced him to drink it as well as to smear it all over his body.

This guy thought he had a chance with mistress Layla. He wanted to fuck her brains out but the mistress had other ideas. She did not want it and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to use her vomit femdom to scare him and to turn him off. So she did what she does best and she used a dildo to gag herself and induce vomit as the guy watched in horror.

This mistress was displeased by the way in which this guy behaved and she had to do something about it. She chose to trample the guy but she felt that it was not enough. So she gagged herself and she puked on him. The mistress did it in the bathroom where she nearly shit on him but the puke had done enough damage and she did not proceed with her plans to shit on him.

This mistress needed some votes when an issue she was championing came for a vote on the board. She wanted one more vote to secure victory but she was not in good terms with this guy. Instead of convincing him through persuasion, she chose to vomit on him and to torture him. She warned him that she would have to punish him if the vote was not carried as a result of him.

These mistresses wanted to punish this guy and they ended up doing it in a cruel and crazy manner. The mistresses used their vomit to do it after they had gagged themselves until they puked. The guy was in a lot of pain and humiliation because of what they did to him. He felt pain even though he was not physically beaten. That is how he came to fear the mistresses.

Puking does not just happen to people who are sick. It is also something that is taught and this mistress wanted to teach this guy how to puke. She wanted him to learn a lot of things as well such as gagging himself, making someone swallow puke and much more. The guy was interested in it but he did not like the part where he was used for demonstration purposes.

Lady Domi and lady Kimi wanted to torture this neighbor because he was a pain in their ass. He made noise for them, he was always doing things which affected them without consulting them and he inconvenienced them a lot. So today the mistresses invited him to their house where he was made to drink their vomit after they had gagged themselves. He learned never to mess with them again.

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