Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

Lady Kimi and lady Domi wanted to teach this guy to drink vomit and that is what they did today. They had planned it for long but they had never done it until today when they got the chance. The mistresses used a funnel to make the guy drink their vomit. He was degraded but he could not do anything about it and had to beg them to stop punishing him.

Mistress Lisa and mistress Roxy had to teach this guy a lesson because he had not listened to them when they advised him how to avoid having problems with them. So they turned him into a human toilet and he was made to drink their pee. In addition, the mistresses forced him to drink their vomit. And before they let him go, the mistresses spat on him. He never failed to listen to them again.

These mistresses felt that they did not get the respect they deserved from this guy and that is why they chose to spit on him to degrade him and humiliate him. He had to learn to do things her way and that is why the mistresses used their saliva and their vomit to degrade him. He could not believe what they did to him but he learned his lesson the hard way.

This mistress expected this guy to eat her pussy as well as she had sucked his dick but he disappointed her badly. She could not hide her disappointment and she used her puked on him to punish and humiliate him. He had to learn how to lick a pussy if he wanted his dick sucked. And since he could not lick her, she made him drink her puke and she felt they were even.

Mistresses Tink and Cassie are not your average girls. They like reliable and dependable people and this guy promised to be that for them and he got that from them too. But he turned out to be a fraud and the mistresses tortured him with their puke by making him to drink it all. He felt like puking and he indeed puked but it was mixed with theirs and he had to drink it all again.

Mistress Xue spent a lot of money on gourmet food from this chef and it ended up being food she did not like or want. And she had to express her displeasure at it all and she did it with her vomit. She puked out what she had eaten and she forced the chef to also get a taste of the vomit and then told him that was how his food tasted.

This guy spanked this mistress and thought she liked it but she did not. And she did not want him to do that again so she punished him like he had never been punished again. The cruel mistress used her puke to teach him never to do that again. He was shocked by what she did as he had thought that she liked it. But he never spanked anyone again after that.

Goddess Yi wanted to quit her job but she knew it would not teach her boss a lesson so she chose to do something that would teach him a lesson. The mistress cornered her boss in his office and she puked on him after she tripped him and he fell down and she gagged herself to puke on him. He was shocked at what she did and she told him why before she quit.

When her husband cheated, this mistress knew she had found a way to try puke fetish. She was angry at him and she wanted to kill two birds with one stone. She wanted to punish him and at the same time try vomit femdom. So she made a scene and she puked on him and forced him to swallow all of it and smeared the rest all over his body.

This guy was a conman and he had to be punished for what he had done. And that is why the mistress chose to dominate him as cruelly as she could. The mistress took him to her bathroom and she gagged herself as he sat down and she puked on him. He had to open his mouth and let her get it in there and he swallowed it as per her instructions.

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