Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

This mistress had trusted her husband to remember to make some purchases she had asked him to make since she was busy. She was therefore angered when she learned that he had not made them. She had to find a way to get them home before Christmas was ruined. The mistress gagged herself and she pissed on him to express her displeasure at what he had done so that it would not happen again.

This mistress has an innocent face and guys mistake her for being harmless. This guy found out the hard way that she was not as harmless as he thought. She was naughtily dressed and this distracted him from what she was about to do to him. The mistress gagged herself and she puked on him. The mistress forced him to drink her vomit because of how stern her face looked.

This goddess is kinky and today she did her kinkiest act yet. The mistress wanted to masturbate but she felt like she could use something different to do it. She chose to gag herself with a dildo and she puked on herself. Then she took an even bigger dildo and she used it to rub her clit with part of the puke. She then used the huge dildo to fuck herself.

This mistress was not pleased with how close this guy tried to be with her man. She had warned her not to continue being close with him but he did not listen to her. She was left with no choice but to humiliate him. She had to be dealt with and the mistress used her vomit femdom to do it. The mistress gagged herself and she vomited on her before asking her to lick her vomit.

This mistress loves her puke. Whenever she is bored, she likes to have fun with her own puke. The way she does it is to record herself gagging herself and then puking. She loved ramming huge dildos down her throat and then puking. She likes how nasty it is to taste one's own puke. It turns her on and she even likes to masturbate while she plays with her puke.

This mistress is a dirty and nasty girl sexually. She loves all manner of nasty fetishes and today she wanted to be fucked in the ass. But this guy did not want to do it. She was pissed at his refusal because she was giving him a golden chance to fuck her golden ass. She punished him by gagging herself with a dildo and puking on him. She asked him to lick and to swallow her puke.

Mistress Betty felt that she needed to have a break. She had tried all she could but her boyfriend did not want to see things from her side. She was forced to do what she did not want to do because that was the only way she felt she would get him to do what she wanted. So the mistress gagged herself and puked on her boyfriend and got him to see things from her perspective.

Lady Lucy did not ask for much from her husband. She wanted him to respect her, something she felt he did not do. She grew tired of asking for him to respect her and she chose to make him do it because for her, it was not negotiable. He had to do it. Today she shocked him by throwing him down and forcing him to drink her vomit. She was with her friend who helped her pin him down.

Mistress had a lot of time on her hands. And she needed to punish her slave. So she took her time to do it. The mistress lit a cigarette and smoked leisurely as she watched her slave lick her boots like she had ordered. The mistress then spat on him before she gagged herself and she puked into his mouth. He was ordered to drink it and he had no choice.

This mistress was not impressed by her slave's slowness. She wanted a quick slave and she tortured him for it. She invited her friend to watch what she wanted to do to him. She vomited on the slave after gagging herself. On seeing her puke, her friend also threw up and she incidentally threw up on the slave. It was not planned but it added to the humiliation of the slave.

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