Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

This mistress had a new slave and she wanted to orient him. She chose to do it with her vomit fetish. She got the slave to drink her puke after she had gagged herself and vomited on him. She also let some fall to the ground and she had him lick it from the floor. She told her she wished she never had to punish him again but it all depended on him.

When this mistress noticed that her husband was hiding things from her, she was afraid that he was having an affair or planning to leave her. She had to know all that was going on and she went about it the cruel way. She forced him to drink her urine as well as her vomit. She puked into his mouth and the poor husband drank it all. He was forced to tell her all he had kept from her.

This mistress made out with her boyfriend and he was ready to fuck him when he called her another girl's name. She was so angry at him that she made him drink her urine. But that was not all. She gagged herself and she vomited on the poor guy. He was paying his mistake and he wished he had not done that as instead of fun, he was now going through hell.

This mistress was sick and what had made her sick was the food this loser had cooked for her. She was not going to let him get away with it. She felt like puking so she puked on a bowl and she made him drink it. Her friend saw her vomit and she threw up herself. The loser had to drink all that vomit as he was the cause of it.

This slave was forgetful and this mistress was tired of always having to remind her of what to do, when and why. She wanted him to take initiative and remember things. She had never punished him before so she made the first time cruel. She spat on him and she got him to lick it. She then gagged herself and made him drink her vomit. She pissed on him before she left his room.

When it comes to teaching guys a cruel lesson, this mistress takes the honors. Today she was teaching her friend how to do it and she started her off with puke fetish. She showed her friend how to gag herself and then vomit on the slave or whoever she was punishing. She forced the guy to drink the vomit and she also peed on him. The guy had no choice but to do as instructed.

This mistress was not the kind of person this loser had ever encountered before. She did crazy things to him like turn him into a vomit and a pee slave. She gagged herself and made him drink her vomit. When he was done, she peed on him. And to have fun at his expense, she applied some puke on her pussy and she made him lick her pussy and remove all the vomit from it. Her assistant watched and took photos and videos.

This mistress was on a mission to rehabilitate this guy. She had tried talking to him but she did not get anywhere with it. She had to use a different method because she knew talking was not helping. So she forced him to drink her vomit which she then mixed with her saliva as well as her pee. He was degraded and he sat up and realized she meant what she was telling him and he changed.

When this mistress noticed that this loser was not doing the things that she had asked him to do, she felt that he was being insubordinate. She could not put up with such a slave so she punished him with the help of her friends. The mistresses ganged up on him and they made him drink their puke. He was vomited on and his entire body was covered in puke.

This mistress felt that her slave did not respect her and she had to humiliate him. She used her puke to do it. She made him drink her vomit but she still felt that it was not enough. She resorted to making him drink her urine as well as her mucus. It was a total degradation for her and she loved it. He hated what he was made to do but he learned his lesson.

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