Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

This mistress loves to do crazy things. She is turned off by ordinary things. And that is why she chose to try vomit femdom today. She had the time and obviously she had the capacity and enthusiasm for it. So she took out a huge dildo and she used it to gag herself until she puked. She then drank her own puke. She caught it all on video and it was fun.

This mistress is cruel. She does not like it when losers mess with her and this one did today. He had to be punished so she did it in a cruel way. The mistress made sure he learned his lesson by using her vomit to punish him. She gagged herself and she puked into a bowl. After that, she poured it on his face and she forced him to swallow it.

This mistress was asked by her boyfriend what she wanted and what would make her happy and she told him how she had been dreaming of trying vomit femdom. He was shocked but he agreed to try it with her. She loved it and she gagged herself on his dick and she puked on him. She made him lick her puke before she kissed him and made him lick her pussy.

This mistress wanted to prove to this guy that she was kinky. He told her she was too nice and there was nothing that could happen between the two of them. The mistress felt bad and she set out to prove him wrong. She taped herself gagging herself and puking into a cup. She then drank it and proceeded to jerk off and even use a dildo to show her how bad a bitch she was.

This mistress was asked by her boyfriend to try and be naughtier than she was. He said she was uptight and that she was sexually boring. She did not want to be known as sexually boring so she went on the internet and she researched all the naughty things she could do. She tried hardcore stuff like pulling her own hair and deepthroating herself with a huge dildo. She ended up puking as she gagged herself but she did not give up.

This mistress loves how her boyfriend had a big dick. She loves it because it is a big one and it makes her feel all the satisfaction she needs. However, he had pissed her off today and she wanted to punish him. So she pretended to give him a blowjob and she gagged herself with his big dick and then she puked on him. She pretended it was an accident but it was in fact intentional.

These mistresses hate rumor mongers. They were therefore shocked when they learned that this guy was spreading false information about them. They did not like the rumors that the guys were spreading and they chose to punish him. They laid a trap for him and when he took the bait, they vomited on him. He wondered why they were doing that to him and they told him about the rumors. He kept quiet and took the punishment in silence.

Lady Grace is a foodie. She loves good food and that is why she even went to the extent of getting herself a cook. She wanted to always have great meals on her table. But she was horrified to find out that the cook she had hired did not know how to cook. The food he had prepared for her was horrendous and she punished him for it by vomiting on him and making him lick her vomit.

These naughty lesbians wanted to have fun and it was specific to the kind that they have never had before. The mistresses agreed on vomit fetish and they had a great time puking on each other after gagging each other and then licking the puke from each other's bodies and especially from their boobs and their pussies. It turned them on and they squirted out of the sweetness they felt.

These cruel mistresses wanted to teach this loser a lesson and they chose to do it with their puke and their pee. He had never been dominated before and he had messed up big time so they chose to give him one hell of a punishment. He was forced to drink a mixture of pee and vomit. The mistresses gagged themselves and they mixed it with pee before they forced him to take it.

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