Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

This mistress was bored and she had to have some fun. She did not feel like watching a movie or going out so she tried vomit fetish as it was one of the few fetishes she had not yet tried. She got a loser who she vomited on. But she pissed on him before she puked on him and while she was pissing on him, had him lick her pussy till she came. To finish the torture and humiliation, the sadistic mistress fingered him in the ass.

Mistress Akira learned that her boyfriend had tried to hit on her friend and she was pissed. She had to teach him a lesson and she did so cruelly. She puked on him when he came back to show him how disgusted she was at what he did. She did it into his mouth and forced him to swallow her vomit. She told him if he was not careful, he would have himself to blame.

This mistress loves to puke. There is nothing she likes better than that. For her, puking is better than scat fetish. She enjoys gagging herself so that she can puke on her slave when he messes up. Today her slave forgot what she had instructed him to do. It was a minor issue but she felt like puking on him as she had not done it in a while. So she used that fact as a scapegoat to torturer him.

This mistress had tried many fetishes but the one she enjoyed most was puke fetish. She loved how she would spill her gut out on to her slave and she would make him drink all of it. It was not a sight for the faint of heart but she endured it and made sure her slave finished the puke on his face. Then she made him clean the room to get rid of the smell and the puke.

Mistress Suzan and her friend wanted to try puke fetish. They had watched many fetishes on the internet but the one that spoke to them was puke fetish. The mistresses puked into a bowl and they spat into it as well. When they were done, they made the loser slave of their to drink all of it. He was not supposed to gulp it down but to drink it like fine wine.

This mistress was disgusted by the kind of food her slave had made. She could not stand it and it made her nauseous. She called her slave and she made him lie down near her. She vomited on his head and she made him lick the vomit and swallow it. She did not care how cruel and degrading it was. She forced him to do it and he had no alternative.

Mistress Alina did not have anything she felt was good enough to punish this slave. So she settled on puke. She knew it was disgusting and degrading and the perfect thing to use to torture the slave. He would never have guessed that that was what she wanted to use to punish him so when she did it, it caught him unawares but he had no choice but to do what she wanted.

These girls were conned of their hard earned savings by this guy and they could not let him get away with it. They pretended they wanted to invest even more money with him and he bought it. When he went to take the money, the mistresses pounced on him and they tortured him. They shit on him and since the smell was too much for them, they puked on him as well. He was forced to eat both and refund their money with interest.

Mistress Suzan caught this girl trying to seduce her man. She was pissed and she had to teach her a lesson. She did not want to involve her man so she took care of it with her frim her friend. The two mistresses tied up the girl after undressing her and they shit on her. They smeared the shit all over her body before they vomited on her and forced her to lick the shit as well as the puke.

This mistress found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She was disgusted and knew she had to leave him. But before she did it, she had to give him a piece of her mind. She did that by forcing him to eat her vomit. She puked on his face and she made sure he ate it and swallowed it. It was cruel and just what he needed as punishment.

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