Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

Mistress Decadoria had told this slave something in confidence and she had asked him not to share it with anyone. But he had gone out and told someone else about her secret and she was so mad at him that she puked on him. She smeared all of it on his body and she made him lick it and also drink it. He regretted his decision but it was too late.

This guy was being stubborn and mistress Cassie and her friends were not going to sit around and let him waste their time. So they did what they do best and they dominated him cruelly. They did this with their puke to make him understand that they would not tolerate any stubbornness from him. He had to drink all of their puke and he wished he had listened to them earlier.

This mistress hated the guts that her college classmate had. He was a vile guy and he always found a way to rub her the wrong way. She ended up humiliating him and making him learn a lesson the hard way. So she gagged herself and she puked on him today when he pissed her off. She was fed up and it was time he learned that she would not take his nonsense anymore.

When this mistress found out that her husband had cheated on her, she confronted him about it. He tried to deny and give her stories but his account of things was not adding up and she was sick to her stomach. She then went ahead and she puked on him. She had not planned to do it but when she felt like throwing up because of what he had done and how nauseating he was to her, she puked on him and it was his punishment.

This mistress is an actress and she felt that her agent was not trying hard enough to get her a job. She was frustrated with him and the anger boiled over today and she made him drink her vomit. He had no choice but to do it and it made him get scared of her. He then prioritized her and got her something that she liked. The punishment had worked.

Lady Domi was tired of her sister always running to her for help whenever she had problems with her husband. So lady Domi asked her sister to bring her husband to her house and when they came, lady Domi turned him into a human toilet and she made him eat shit and drink pee. She then told her sister to take note and never go to her for the same issue again.

This mistress wanted to have her pussy eaten the best way possible. But this guy did not know how to do it her way so she had to find a way to have it done. But before she did so, she turned on him and she forced him to drink her vomit. She did not mince her words and so she was able to get what she wanted which was to make this guy drink her puke and then eat her sweet pussy.

Lady Kimi and her friend found out that this guy was insubordinate and they would not allow it. He had to be taught a lesson and the mistresses chose to vomit on him because they knew how degrading and cruel. It was the best punishment for what he had done and the mistresses still warned him of worse consequences if he did not change and stop doing the things they had warned him about.

This mistress wanted to try vomit femdom but she did not feel like puking. And today she had a golden chance to do it as this guy had messed up and he needed to be punished. Now that she did not feel like puking and it was her method of choice, she chose to gag herself in order to make herself puke. And when she finally did, she vomited on his face.

Lady Domi and her friend bought a lot of alcohol for this guy and he drank it and he was wasted. He thought they were being nice to him and that they liked him and his company. But the truth was that they wanted to have fun at his expense and also conduct an experiment. So once he was wasted, they puked on him and had him drink their vomit before they cleaned him up before he got sober and he did not remember much of what had happened.

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