Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

Lady Kimi was horrified to discover that this loser had lost some of her important documents. She knew it was a process to get new ones so she punished him for the agony he had caused her. She enlisted the help of her friend to punish him in order for him to be careful the next time he was handling her documents. The mistresses puked on him and they made sure he drank the vomit.

This mistress caught her boyfriend masturbating and she was mad. She considered it cheating on her as she felt he was comparing her to those sluts and he was getting off without her. She took him to the bathroom and she gagged herself and she vomited on his face and into his mouth. She warned him never to do it again. He would have himself to blame if he did.

Mistress Betty was fed up with her slave. She wanted him gone from her house so she made him leave. He did not want to leave because he had gotten comfortable in her house. She got on top of him and she used his fingers to gag herself. She then vomited on his face and she forced him to swallow it and lick the rest. He left that same day.

When it comes to doing crazy shit, this mistress is one of the best. She is a doctor and she loves to take advantage of her patients. She loves to turn them on and then do crazy things for them. She even waives her charges for some of them. She did to this guy and she made him eat her shit, drink her pee and even lick and drink her puke.

Lady Domi was angry at her slave for not telling her what he needed to have told her. She was especially angry as she had told him to tell her in case he saw anything. He did and kept quiet. She was angry and had to punish him so that it did not happen again. She cruelly forced him to drink her vomit as punishment and he did. He never messed up again.

Mistress Oxana had had too much to drink. She did not feel so good when she woke up the following morning. She had to go to work and she could not go to work the way she looked and the way she felt. So she went to her toilet and she gagged herself and she threw up. She then went and took a cold shower after which she had some soup. She felt good enough to go to work.

This mistress was not pleased to learn that her slave had been lying to her. She did not even have the strength to ask him why he had lied to her. It was completely unacceptable to her and he knew it. So she punished him for it and she did it cruelly. She used her vomit to punish him. She gagged herself and she made him smear it all over his body as well as lick it and drink it.

Lady Grace is not the kind of person who gets lets go of someone who wrongs her. When she gets pissed, she has to revenge and most of the time, her revenge is worse than what was done to piss her in the first place. Today she sent this loser but he did not return in time. To make it worse, he came with something slightly different from what she had sent him. She was infuriated and she vomited on him in disgust.

This mistress has amazing tits and this guy could not have enough of them. Being a naughty mistress, she decided to take advantage of the guy's fascination with her tits to have fun at his expense. She told him that she got turned on by vomit and if he wanted to play with her tits and even fuck them, he had to lick and drink her vomit. He agreed. She gagged herself and puked on him.

This mistress caught this guy breaking into her house. She knew he wanted to steal even if he was trying to deny it. He said he was hungry and wanted to find something to eat. She did not buy it and she told him so. She had to punish him so that it never happened again. She chose to puke on him as punishment so she gagged him and puked into his mouth.

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