Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

These lesbian mistresses were bored of their sex life and they wanted to enrich it. They chose to try naughty things so as to infuse excitement and adventure into their sex life. Today they were trying vomit fetish. They had a game to determine who between them was going to be gagged first in order to puke. Once that was done, they had a great time gagging each other and puking on each other.

This mistress came home and found her slave with a bitch in the house. She had warned him against using her house as a hotel room to bring bitches. She punished him since she had never punished. She felt like he did not take her seriously. So she puked on his face as well as into his mouth and she made sure he drank the puke. He learned his lesson.

This guy messed with the wrong mistress. Lady Kimi is one mistress who does not punish or humiliate someone unless they have messed with her. This guy did and she had to teach him to mind his own business. She puked into his mouth which she had forced him to open. She made it so cruel and degrading that she knew he would never mess with anyone for the rest of his life.

This mistress likes to come up with new ways to have fun at the expense of losers. She does not like doing the same thing over and over again as it becomes boring. She chose to try vomit fetish today. She gagged herself and she puked into a bowl. She then called her slave and she had him drink her puke. She made sure he drank all of it before she let him go.

This mistress wanted to find out how much this guy wanted her. She wanted to test his commitment before she decided whether to date him or not. She is a crazy mistress and she wanted someone as crazy as she is. She vomited on this guy and wanted him to lick her vomit. She did not force him. He ate her puke and that was when she knew he was the one.

Mistress Kira likes her peace and quiet. But this loser made noise for her. She went to his house and found him in his bedroom. She threw him down and she gagged herself and she vomited on him. She vomited into his mouth and she made sure he drank all of her vomit. She did not give him a chance to say not to it. That taught him a lesson.

This mistress knew that this guy had the information she was looking for. She was pissed off and she had to do something about what the loser had done. He had refused to give her the information she sought so she punished him for it. She did this by puking on him and forcing him to drink her puke. She also had him lick the puke that fell on the floor.

Lady Grace is not a mistress to mess with as this loser came to find out. She went and she puked on a plate and she fed the vomit to the loser. It was a gross and a cruel way to teach him a lesson and to show him who the boss was. She forced him to swallow it and she also had him lick the vomit that fell on the floor.

Mistress Lisa was not happy about the things that her husband had done. He had wasted their savings on women and she was pissed at the fact that she was being cheated on and their money wasted at the same time. She punished her husband cruelly by forcing him to drink and swallow her vomit. She gagged herself and she puked into his open mouth and watched him struggle to swallow it. She then made him refund the money.

This mistress wanted to try a new way to punish her slave. So she went and researched new ways to do it and she settled on vomit femdom. She had a great time torturing this loser using her vomit. She gagged herself and she threw up on him. She then went ahead and she forced him to lick all her vomit and to swallow it. She then laughed as she did it.

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