Vomit Femdom

Vomit Femdom | Forced to swallow

This mistress hates liars. She warned this guy severally not to lie to her but he never paid attention to what she told him. And he thought she was harmless and was just talking. She got fed up telling him not to lie and she surprised him with a cruel punishment. She made him open his mouth and she puked into it. He had to swallow her vomit and there was no alternative.

This mistress hated the food this loser had cooked for her. She could not bring herself to swallow it so she puked it all. And she did it on her slave so that he knew that her food was bad. And she wanted him to be humiliated enough to the point that he learned how to cook better food. He was degraded but he got the message he was being sent.

When this mistress was asked by her friends to torture this guy, she already knew what to do to him. She used her vomit to dominate and degrade him. She did not want to use anything he might be used to such as slaps. She, instead, used vomit because she knew he did not expect it. Not even her friends expected her to use it. But they joined her in torturing him using vomit.

Mistress Lisa loves it when someone drinks her vomit. She graduated from pee and is now on vomit. Next, she is going to transition to shit. But for the time being, she is enjoying her vomit fetish. She took this guy to her tub and she made him lie in it before she gagged herself and she puked on him. She then told him to wash with her puke.

This mistress was preparing her slave for a mission. It was a high stake one and he had to be prepared for any eventuality. She wanted to toughen him up and she tortured him every day to make him tough. Today she gagged herself and she spat on his face. She made him swallow it and lick the ones that fell on his face. It was degrading but he took it bravely.

Mistress Lisa and her friend Roxy caught the guy who had been sabotaging them. They did not want to let him off the hook easily so they punished him to teach him a cruel lesson. The guy was made to drink a mixture of their puke and their mucus. It was disgusting but he did not have a choice but to do it. He regretted messing with them and promised never to do it again.

This mistress did not like how this guy was an ingrate. She had gone out of her way to help him but he called her names and was not grateful for the much she had done for him. She snapped today and she made him drink her vomit as she gagged herself and threw up on him. He was shocked but he learned his lesson and never messed with her.

Lady Domi was punishing this loser for messing with her money. She took a shit on him to teach him a lesson. But she was not used to it and she could not handle the smell of her own shit or the sight of him eating her poo. She puked on him and she did it in his mouth. He now had to eat her poo as well as her vomit.

Mistress Betty and her boyfriend are kinky and love to do crazy things. Today they pushed it to the limit as they had a crazy 69. He licked her pussy and she sucked his dick. He ate her shit as she took a dump on his face and she gagged on his cock and puked on his dick. It was gross but a massive turn on for them and they fucked like porn stars.

This mistress likes to torture guys for her own enjoyment. Today she did so to this loser who had refused to refund her. She told him to keep the money but she degraded him more than he had ever been in his life. She made him eat her mucus, she made him drink her urine, her shit as well as her vomit. The poor guy regretted not having refunded her.

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